Artist Statement

When viewing this work I would like you to know that each photographic image is exactly as taken. By this I mean the images are not layered or a montage. Also, I do not stage the vignettes or reposition objects to create them. I photograph exactly what exists at a particular moment in each specific place. The sole alteration is color. This allows me to enrich and deepen the emotional impact.

For me, these images ask the question “what is alive and what is dead?” I do not see the inanimate as “lifeless”. By photographing images that are not technically “alive” and adding color, I see them as lively and animated, reflecting feelings, attitudes and the ability to impart emotions. They embody the poignancy of memory, longing, love and loss. They mirror our vulnerability and humanity by allowing us to peek into our wistful desires to capture the ephemeral and transcend time. The intent is to be compassionate and reassuring, sometimes with a slight turn to the mysterious and surreal within the themes of taxidermy, funerary, fashion, oddities and beauty.